Wednesday, December 26, 2012


first of all, merry christmas for all of u guys who celebrate! :D
finally i perm my hair hooray! i did it myself, actually, just few hours ago. and hahah.. as predicted, it looses a bit. I'm worried, cud this last for at least a month? :P im satisfied with the result, just like what i wanted. but yea, it's before this loosey.

knitted top - unbranded
purple jegging - zara
oxford ankle heels - iconinety9

Sunday, December 16, 2012


yay. my final week is over. uh not really. because tomorrow still have one more subject to go. it's fashion phenomenaaaarrgh. fortunately today's holiday.. and i miss blogging so much *eventho this wont be an outfit post.. so im gonna post some of my obsession lately. this so called random. haha..

since my parents and family style's still oldies, this wont happen for a long time. hahaha.. they wont ever ever let me dye my hair even to dye it BLACK (my hair's alr natural dark brown oh yeah) so to satisfy myself, i bought a lilac hair clip via online. yaaa.. just for fun. im not sure tho will lilac fit me or no. *possibly no. LOL


this kind of loose, messy wavy hair. i have a super (yea somethimes not too) straight hair. whatever i done to my hair, iron it, roll it, bun it a whole day.. it lasts only few minutes til it gets back to straight again. imma bit depressed with this kinda situation. im bored with straight hair in my entire life. i need sth different. so i decided to home perm. but. when i tested a roll of my hair, tadaaa after i permed it. it gone straight again. no matter how much chemical i put on it. TTnTT
fortunately i found someone who sold a hot roller (it was hers, but she never uses it) i got it with super... cheap price. 100ish.. from maybe 400-500k *dancing in the moonlight
so i tried it today and the result satisfies me enough. it lasts for an hour and hopefully more (i tested it an hour ago)

revlon nail polish, totally toffee. cant wait to buy :D

so, my biggest obsession from now on is haaaaair. oh okay. see u guys. :)

Sunday, December 2, 2012

can't imagine ive been in a hiatus for sooo long. ive been in college for almost 4 months, 2 weeks to final then i'll be ready for 2nd term. time flies like a rocket! so, next week will be my 14th week outta 15. final projects are all queuing to be done. im a bit overwhelmed with that. ah. i wanna share what my projects are.
so i am given 5 subjects for this term.
for sewing and pattern drafting class, we fashion design students were given a project to make a dress, by our own design.
fashion phenomena, simply call it fashion history class, to make a comparison book, modern n old costumes. ha. this has been done 3 weeks ago. relieved.
textile class!!! i hate choo!!!!! really. we must make a textile album which makes us rolling in the deep, jumping everywhere, to find some textile. lets say... silk! wool! these r still normal. but how about.. lyocell? acetate? ever heard about em? dammit. we burnt like dozens of fabrics inside the store to identify what's that, what's this. haaaaha...
drawing class. to make a collection for a/w and s/s, from the concept, texture, textile design, and of course the garment designs. im stressed out.
the point is.. im stressed out. yeah at first week i did hope to go to college for 17 weeks lol but now i do wish that holiday comes fasteeeeer!!
but hey. i dont say that high school is a lot better, i still love college life. nyihihihahaha.. high school sucks, anyway.
so wish me and friends so much luck. we need luck. i'll die young if i fail even 1 subject graaa no no, i wont, i'll pass every subjects~ *whistling*

Monday, October 29, 2012

postcard from nowhere

wow finally Dea, friend of mind cud spare her super busy life to develop our films! (yes we are lomographeeeer!! :D )  i can develop em myself bcs in my place there's no film developers. if i want, i must go to south jakarta. or salemba (which ive just known from my senior lately). Dea, who lives in bandung still has the opportunity to develop films bcs there's still some film developers near her place :")
so here's my photos taken from my baby mini diana and holga 135bc. purely unedited, a bit blurry, a bit abstract. just enjoy.
let's start from holga's results...

my most fave!! love the tone colour sooo much. and the lonesome feeling :")

ghosts? haha. just multiple exposure

vu du ciel :D

here comes diana mini's results

@ pangandaran

satisfactory! got the flares wohoo

pasar baru. 

my fave too :D

bobby said HELLO! *he's my dog, a jumbo pomeranian

having pattern drafting mid-test tomorrow. wish me luck! 

Thursday, October 25, 2012


finally. i do miss blogging so much but sadly have no time to do this. actually not only about that. i just think that my passion in blogging a bit vanished lol. but yeah. as long as i have something to put on my blog ill do it. :") like today as usual my class (textile class. imagine 3 hours studying about textile.) ends at 12 so reached home way way way earlier. so i had a chance to take photo (eventho i used my phone n did quick shots helped by mom) i just wanna share about my daily college outfit. i barely dress up. im so so layback lately. sorry for the bad image quality anyway....

unbranded tank top
cardigan - retailtherapy
maroon jegging - zara basic
oxford shoes - TLTSN

Thursday, October 11, 2012

what ive been doing for this 1 month absence... indescribable. overloaded with assignments, projects, sleep deprivation, exhaustion, but amazing. i feel life. totally. i love this!! :D
actually i wanted to post some of my projects and assignments here but never have time to post it (except on instagram :P) but now, i can post 1 of zillion assignments ive done. this' drawing blablabla subject assignment. story board or something. made 5. but this' my most fave :P

a Little piece of Heaven. title was taken from avenged sevenfold's song. haha... thought this will fit well so i use this title. (ah. havent change the font :p) this' for a/w color inspiration.. wish me luck for this assignment. Ciao!!

Friday, September 14, 2012

parting glass

selfmade long sleeve shirt

not an outfit post tho.. i was just bored and realized ive never had any chances to post-show u guys my latest selfmade chiffon shirt. it's done a month ago. this was hard bcs it's chiffon and im still a beginner so.. level of difficulty over 9000 hahaa.. but it's wearable, fortunately. not really satisfying tho. but i just love the pattern. it;s so vintage and it;s black n white. :") there's still no buttons on its sleeve cuffs so it's very loose haha.. what do u think abt this shirt, guys?

anyway, u must know ed sheeran right? i admit i just knew he's exist bcs of cody simpson(im a huge fan of him lol)'s instagram which he took a pic with ed. then i started to find out his songs and no doubt in love with him. hahaha... and he sings a song, irish song titled parting glass n this' one of my fave. u rock ed!! :D

oh. another issue im having now. this' a serious matter.... since im a fashion design student (let's just say design student) my lecture told us that we shud own macbook pro. wwwhaaaat!! i know how designers use macbook as their important device lol. but. man. why must like that. ermmh..this' the conversation between me and my lecture.
me : miss, if i cant buy mac, may i use another brand such as asus maybe?
her : ah. u better get ur own macbook dear.
me : why so?
her : u know. this' ur chance to own macbook. though, macbook is good for design.
just that. em.. im not that kind of rich people so this' quite hard for me. i feel guilty with my parents abt this. but in the other hand, i do want macbook idk why. haha.. 
*now u can imagine me sitting in d corner with spotlight like those emo picture hahaha ohmaaaaan.

ah. last 2 things. 
2 days ago i had a dream. weird i think. i met God - in cartoonized mode. lol. he called me then he hugged me. what's this mean? my bestie janice said that im chosen. emh. but still dont know what shud i do hehehe
some of my friends might know that i can do lucid dream (if u dont know what's it... try open 9gag. haha) last night i got that chance again to get lucid dream. but.. when i was in halucination phase, a 'thing' said 'choose where u wanna go now. but if u dont come back til monday ull never come back again. forever' HEY. padahal udah milih tempat mau kemana. TTnTT i just experienced some ridiculous things when lucid dreaming like.. became a helicopter pilot, jumped around in somewhere like valley, motorcycle racer.. sigh. i wanna go somewheeere... haha

Thursday, September 13, 2012


yaaaay im back im back!! :_D wow it's been 2 weeks since i start my college. college life's fun, tough, and challenging. in my class there's only 15 students (still counting tho). my friends are all good in their own way. some are funny some are kind etc etc. my schedule is crazy but behind that craziness, im so grateful. here, my classes end at 6, 5, and 4  every monday, tuesday, n wednesday. on thursday class starts in d morning and only 3 hours then hooome and enjoy le long weekend(but yea, this doesnt mean holiday. it means, doing my assignments!!!)
first week was hectic. need to buy these n those, no time even to eat (i was just lazy to eat anw.. so i think i got a bit of weight loss.. 0.5kg is soooo satisfying lolol) but now i already feel convenient with life.i feel much much much happier than when i was in school. the assignments dont bury me into burden. i take it as something enjoyable-maybe because i really love it :)

finally i cut my fringe. i cant stand no more with long fringe. i have to sew but in first couple of minutes i had to struggle with that -_- so yeah.. this' how i look now. :| i dont know does it fit me or no but i just feel comfort with this straight messy fringe. and applied my new fave eyeliner style. kekeke...

catcha later but not in the mean time. maybe next month? lol

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Friday, August 24, 2012

flightless bird


*mind that 'X' sunburn -_- 

selfmade vintage paisley shirt
forever21 skirt
adorable projects fringe flats
unbranded ring
bracelet from KL

Buon Pomerigio! Come stai? haha.. mind my sudden-speak-italian mood. im learning this sexy language by the way. internet's being crappy, im so screwed. today did something useless. went to trad market to fix my clothes (obras, i dont know whats this in english -_-) and d stores are all still closed. ah. i might be mistaken when i read the date they open again. without obras, i can do nothing with my clothes. :( so as i promised to my dog, i groomed him yay!
made that shirt few weeks ago. im so on fire to make clothes lately :P
i know maybe this blog is kinda time counter for me haha.. every post i'll say... x weeks to college. lol. mind that. im so excited. cant wait. it's 7 days to go!! wow. 5 months have past so fast just realized that :D
anyway, im in confusion between cut my fringe short and straight or keep it long. im a bit uncomfortable with my fringe nowadays but i cant be sure shud i cut it or no. shud i be satisfied or regretting it. :3 so can anyone kindly give me feedback or suggestion what should i do with my fringe? and maybe my hair. haha.. thankies yankies!
oh and i made that tribal nail art by myself too what do you think? :)

Sunday, August 19, 2012

'This is the day that the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it" - Psalm 118:24

Happy holiday! enjoy ur day! and happy belated eid mubarak for those who celebrates! forgive me if i ever done wrong to u guys :*
Have a great day!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


yay new post again! ah idk what to say at first :P
it's mid august means.. 2 weeks to start my college life whoopiee!! *yeah for some people this' weird bcs we usually need more holiday but trust me im sick with 5 months of holiday alr.
so, when i was editing my photos, i saw many kind of expressions on my face. that kind of mean girl, smirking, happy,n ridiculous ones. so i have a thought. oh. what's others impression to me. do i look bad? or do i look fun to be with? haha.. it just popped out suddenly. some friends of mine ever said that when they first saw me they thought i was a mean girl, and a kind of person who doesnt like to make friends. but after they know me for few weeks, theyre totally wrong. im a kind of crazy, ridiculous, and freak. (freak in a fun way. not 'freak' in a bullying yah..) but yeah. i dont really care actually. when i wanna change my personality, it's only my business. what people need to do is to criticize me to be a better one. aaha.. such a serious talk isnt it.

selfmade tangerine tanktop
gaudi nude blazer
zara basic shorts
anchor necklace from KL
custom made oxford creepers

Thursday, August 2, 2012


back from kuala lumpur :D im so in love with that country. feel like wanna live there yeah im fuckin serious.

 ridiculously i just realized i was in petronas tower. petronas. nico rosberg's (oh.he's my fave Formula1 racer)   sponsor. catched his huge photo too in front of suria KLCC :_)