Friday, August 24, 2012

flightless bird


*mind that 'X' sunburn -_- 

selfmade vintage paisley shirt
forever21 skirt
adorable projects fringe flats
unbranded ring
bracelet from KL

Buon Pomerigio! Come stai? haha.. mind my sudden-speak-italian mood. im learning this sexy language by the way. internet's being crappy, im so screwed. today did something useless. went to trad market to fix my clothes (obras, i dont know whats this in english -_-) and d stores are all still closed. ah. i might be mistaken when i read the date they open again. without obras, i can do nothing with my clothes. :( so as i promised to my dog, i groomed him yay!
made that shirt few weeks ago. im so on fire to make clothes lately :P
i know maybe this blog is kinda time counter for me haha.. every post i'll say... x weeks to college. lol. mind that. im so excited. cant wait. it's 7 days to go!! wow. 5 months have past so fast just realized that :D
anyway, im in confusion between cut my fringe short and straight or keep it long. im a bit uncomfortable with my fringe nowadays but i cant be sure shud i cut it or no. shud i be satisfied or regretting it. :3 so can anyone kindly give me feedback or suggestion what should i do with my fringe? and maybe my hair. haha.. thankies yankies!
oh and i made that tribal nail art by myself too what do you think? :)

Sunday, August 19, 2012

'This is the day that the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it" - Psalm 118:24

Happy holiday! enjoy ur day! and happy belated eid mubarak for those who celebrates! forgive me if i ever done wrong to u guys :*
Have a great day!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


yay new post again! ah idk what to say at first :P
it's mid august means.. 2 weeks to start my college life whoopiee!! *yeah for some people this' weird bcs we usually need more holiday but trust me im sick with 5 months of holiday alr.
so, when i was editing my photos, i saw many kind of expressions on my face. that kind of mean girl, smirking, happy,n ridiculous ones. so i have a thought. oh. what's others impression to me. do i look bad? or do i look fun to be with? haha.. it just popped out suddenly. some friends of mine ever said that when they first saw me they thought i was a mean girl, and a kind of person who doesnt like to make friends. but after they know me for few weeks, theyre totally wrong. im a kind of crazy, ridiculous, and freak. (freak in a fun way. not 'freak' in a bullying yah..) but yeah. i dont really care actually. when i wanna change my personality, it's only my business. what people need to do is to criticize me to be a better one. aaha.. such a serious talk isnt it.

selfmade tangerine tanktop
gaudi nude blazer
zara basic shorts
anchor necklace from KL
custom made oxford creepers

Thursday, August 2, 2012


back from kuala lumpur :D im so in love with that country. feel like wanna live there yeah im fuckin serious.

 ridiculously i just realized i was in petronas tower. petronas. nico rosberg's (oh.he's my fave Formula1 racer)   sponsor. catched his huge photo too in front of suria KLCC :_)