Wednesday, September 4, 2013


Oh hi! finally i can take some time to look after this neglected blog. :")
this' my second week a.k.a last week of holiday. yea next week's gonna bee my 4th term of college :D pretty excited tho.

okay, what did i do in this holiday.. i made 2 skirts for my 2  cousins, made a tank top for myself, went to Puncak for a quick getaway, then... i bought ukulele!!!! yes yes that tiny hawaiian instrument! why i bought it? why not guitar? alright, the case is.. my fingers are just pretty short, shorter than people under my age lol. so i even cant play C chord properly on dad's guitar. pity eh?
the first song i started to learn is summertime of our lives from cody simpson :D
someday soon, maybe just maybe, ill post abt me playing my uke? hhah..

actually i dont know what shud i write in this post again. but maybe i can share u some of my life experience in this few months. yea?
so, i got really... damned... cursed.. breakout on my whoooole face. i chose a wrong wrong wrong skincare which i thought it was suitable for me bcs at the first time it didnt break me out. then i stop using it, try out a medicine i used to apply for this 2 weeks and it's better now. but still i have to go back to a dermatologist. in this time, i do really want it so bad. man my skin becomes reeeeed, harsh, greasy, yet dry. horrid. wish me luck for my soon to be facial treatment. hope it helps.

i watched game of thrones. 3 seasons in 1 month. im so addicted. but the dvd i bought, it skips some episodes idk why. i skipped the most most most anticipated scene which is the red wedding. damn! i shud find it on youtube eh?

oh i havent told ya before, that i do love knitting yes. i ever learnt it by myself via youtube and vid, but i stucked in just 2 variations of it, purl and jersey. and u know what!!! i got the subject on my 4th term! yesyes with (i can call him) one of my fave lecturer. yaaay! thats why im pretty excited to start my new term :D
i also started to make industrial project which is a project for the whole classes with same concept, and we're gonna make 1 outta 3 collection to be shown on graduation show! *amen

i want to perm my hair again. i still got my hair a bit wavy (i can see it after shower. it's all still curly) so i can say that my perm lasts for almost... 8 months! it's such a thing! but gonna perm it later. still wanna enjoy my natural hair shah..
though i dont have much time to take care of my hair. this' a lil secret of mine. (not anymore eh) i... haven't.. been to a saloon for.. 3 years! :D i trim, perm, cream bath, mask my hair by myself. im pretty independent eh? :P
i trim my hair (normally) once in 2  weeks to prevent my hair from split ends (caused by perm) and creambath in once a week (i used to. but not in the final weeks)

alright alright too much blabbing so im done now! see you on my next post :")
hopefully i can update my skin progress haha..

Saturday, June 15, 2013

hey readers hows life so far? mine's a bit bumpy road here and there hehe. so many ups and down since my last post (i even forgot when was that wiiii..)
so in this kinda short post i wanna explain u about my absence (and it feels like im totally lost from this earth, sunk into the center of the earth :P)
yeah as u know guys im now in college and it's my third term now! *and know what, 2months later ill be on my 4th term. fast..
college life never been this fun yet exhausting at the same time. no time to rest ur brain, too little time to rest ur body. i wake up at 5 everyday and leave home at 6, go back home at 8. so practically im home only to get shower, do assignments, sleep, and then college again. that's my daily routine.
fortunately i got no class on friday (again) so one thing to be grateful is.. super long weekend but yeah. weekend is just like another day. finishing my assignments. :")
im a bit amazed and surprised by myself, i never thought that i cud face, handle, and nail this kinda tough life, remember that i was a super-duper-lazy-student in school back then.
then, no photo cud be uploaded here. my laptop is just full of assignments.
i attended IFW and JFFF fashion show n took many photos, but im sure it's so not-up to date again to post them shah. and knowing that my daily outfit is just... tshirt-jeans-flats, what's interesting eh. :")
so i hope i cud get back to blogging again eventho it means next year.. i just miss blogging. anyway.
so im on hiatus until i graduate from collegeeeeee :____)
take care u guys :*

Wednesday, December 26, 2012


first of all, merry christmas for all of u guys who celebrate! :D
finally i perm my hair hooray! i did it myself, actually, just few hours ago. and hahah.. as predicted, it looses a bit. I'm worried, cud this last for at least a month? :P im satisfied with the result, just like what i wanted. but yea, it's before this loosey.

knitted top - unbranded
purple jegging - zara
oxford ankle heels - iconinety9

Sunday, December 16, 2012


yay. my final week is over. uh not really. because tomorrow still have one more subject to go. it's fashion phenomenaaaarrgh. fortunately today's holiday.. and i miss blogging so much *eventho this wont be an outfit post.. so im gonna post some of my obsession lately. this so called random. haha..

since my parents and family style's still oldies, this wont happen for a long time. hahaha.. they wont ever ever let me dye my hair even to dye it BLACK (my hair's alr natural dark brown oh yeah) so to satisfy myself, i bought a lilac hair clip via online. yaaa.. just for fun. im not sure tho will lilac fit me or no. *possibly no. LOL


this kind of loose, messy wavy hair. i have a super (yea somethimes not too) straight hair. whatever i done to my hair, iron it, roll it, bun it a whole day.. it lasts only few minutes til it gets back to straight again. imma bit depressed with this kinda situation. im bored with straight hair in my entire life. i need sth different. so i decided to home perm. but. when i tested a roll of my hair, tadaaa after i permed it. it gone straight again. no matter how much chemical i put on it. TTnTT
fortunately i found someone who sold a hot roller (it was hers, but she never uses it) i got it with super... cheap price. 100ish.. from maybe 400-500k *dancing in the moonlight
so i tried it today and the result satisfies me enough. it lasts for an hour and hopefully more (i tested it an hour ago)

revlon nail polish, totally toffee. cant wait to buy :D

so, my biggest obsession from now on is haaaaair. oh okay. see u guys. :)

Sunday, December 2, 2012

can't imagine ive been in a hiatus for sooo long. ive been in college for almost 4 months, 2 weeks to final then i'll be ready for 2nd term. time flies like a rocket! so, next week will be my 14th week outta 15. final projects are all queuing to be done. im a bit overwhelmed with that. ah. i wanna share what my projects are.
so i am given 5 subjects for this term.
for sewing and pattern drafting class, we fashion design students were given a project to make a dress, by our own design.
fashion phenomena, simply call it fashion history class, to make a comparison book, modern n old costumes. ha. this has been done 3 weeks ago. relieved.
textile class!!! i hate choo!!!!! really. we must make a textile album which makes us rolling in the deep, jumping everywhere, to find some textile. lets say... silk! wool! these r still normal. but how about.. lyocell? acetate? ever heard about em? dammit. we burnt like dozens of fabrics inside the store to identify what's that, what's this. haaaaha...
drawing class. to make a collection for a/w and s/s, from the concept, texture, textile design, and of course the garment designs. im stressed out.
the point is.. im stressed out. yeah at first week i did hope to go to college for 17 weeks lol but now i do wish that holiday comes fasteeeeer!!
but hey. i dont say that high school is a lot better, i still love college life. nyihihihahaha.. high school sucks, anyway.
so wish me and friends so much luck. we need luck. i'll die young if i fail even 1 subject graaa no no, i wont, i'll pass every subjects~ *whistling*

Monday, October 29, 2012

postcard from nowhere

wow finally Dea, friend of mind cud spare her super busy life to develop our films! (yes we are lomographeeeer!! :D )  i can develop em myself bcs in my place there's no film developers. if i want, i must go to south jakarta. or salemba (which ive just known from my senior lately). Dea, who lives in bandung still has the opportunity to develop films bcs there's still some film developers near her place :")
so here's my photos taken from my baby mini diana and holga 135bc. purely unedited, a bit blurry, a bit abstract. just enjoy.
let's start from holga's results...

my most fave!! love the tone colour sooo much. and the lonesome feeling :")

ghosts? haha. just multiple exposure

vu du ciel :D

here comes diana mini's results

@ pangandaran

satisfactory! got the flares wohoo

pasar baru. 

my fave too :D

bobby said HELLO! *he's my dog, a jumbo pomeranian

having pattern drafting mid-test tomorrow. wish me luck! 

Thursday, October 25, 2012


finally. i do miss blogging so much but sadly have no time to do this. actually not only about that. i just think that my passion in blogging a bit vanished lol. but yeah. as long as i have something to put on my blog ill do it. :") like today as usual my class (textile class. imagine 3 hours studying about textile.) ends at 12 so reached home way way way earlier. so i had a chance to take photo (eventho i used my phone n did quick shots helped by mom) i just wanna share about my daily college outfit. i barely dress up. im so so layback lately. sorry for the bad image quality anyway....

unbranded tank top
cardigan - retailtherapy
maroon jegging - zara basic
oxford shoes - TLTSN