Friday, December 30, 2011


HOLA. back from 5-day vacation!! :) it was a great great trip. got unforgettable experiences and new knowledges hahaaa. yet im speechless so i cant tell you much. went to bandung and do culinary trip opposite the hotel at pasir kaliki. then got this sweet bokeh pic at night. went to pangandaran after that and... gah. this' the speechless part. too much seafood, crowd, cycling in the afternoon w cousins n daddy, bought souvenirs, went to green canyon, short trip to pasir putih by traditional boat ( i love love love it so much. facing the big wave was the best moment),went back to bandung, continue culinary trip(at the same place again HA) bought ambokueh, a traditional food from bandung contains pork, pork, and pork. haha.. then yesterday i went back home sweet home!!! :")

fisherman's boat 
tiny waterfall in green canyon cave

at batukaras
 last late lunch at sate maranggi
crazy thing i did. bcs i didnt get time to do this at pangandaran :P
lovely doll. love at the first sight. its name is.. Kio. weird eh? :)

oh, yep yep no self photos bcs i carried camaro everywhere w no one is allowed to touch him. (overprotective may bring some advantages, avoid somoething bad, aight?)

anyway, mind to follow my bloggie? i'd like to follow u back if u ask but not ASAP, sorry. bcs im having a super duper slow inet connection.. :)
and whoaaaa today is the last day in 2011 and tomorrow is the first day of 2012. have a great daaay :D

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Buon Natale!!!

ha! finally christmas is about minutes ahead. time flies damnly fast.. uwooow. hm actually im not too interested with christmas this year. idk why. haha. but.. MERRY CHRISTMAS! wish you guys having ur happy n blessed christmas :)

*that weird drawing, was firstly found when i was done doing my exam (in 8th grade) n felt so bored, so i doodled. the name of goddamn city inspired by gotham city. haha. this' about damned city attacked by brainless stupidos monsters which eat, kill, and ruin everything. kinda mean. but.. i try to make it funnier
 -_____- so this' doodle makes me proud so i keep drawing em :) my fave monsters.. that jelly-like monster eats people. they're transparent.

tomorrowim gonna go vacation in a week. phew. bandung - pangandaran - bandung. just bring a backpack and wish it'll be enough. :) happy holiday guys :D

Monday, December 19, 2011

time wont let me go

my ipod randomly played that song from the bravery, and the lyric makes me think of something... which i dont need to describe..
'time wont let me go 
time wont let me go
if i could do it all again
i'd go back and change everything
but time wont let me go'

christmas is about a week ahead. new year is about 2 weeks ahead. new year. i wont write down my resolutions. it wont work on me. i just wanna live my life whatever it goes. let it flow. let myself survive this life. 

selfmade two-tone longer back tank top
cottonink berry krey shawl
unbranded jeans
custom made clogs

how's ur holiday been this far? :) happy holiday!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

started a journey..

have i ever told u that i'd share my works in this blog. so here it is. me n my model wentto the place by taxi. traffic jam everywhere. but thanks God we arrived without any problems. the funny thing is. we were looking for a clean toilet. so we entered museum fatahillah. there were like zillions (haha im kiddin. not this much) of people. high scool students, pre-school students n their mom. ugh. it's just like in a mall doing late night shopping. :\
so now it's the time when the journey begins...
*after read the comments below, i think.. there's a mistake guys. the girl in these photos wasnt me. im the photographer... identify my face, please? :P im anya n i wrote the talent's name no?? -________-

Talent : Gabriella Petrus Karsten
Photographer & edit : Anya Sinta

so what do u think? :)

Thursday, December 8, 2011


inspirations may come from everywhere both inside and outside your brainy head. mine comes currently from mood swing everyday, a lazy morning cuddling myself in bed, indie rock music, and future. yet i feel like my eyes just want to see and imagine B&W photos. :| you know, black and white, are basic colors. timeless. neutral. dramatic. and calm.

but there's an excuse for colorful inspirations.. haha

currently love.. foster the people! 

considering to rent (yes. RENT) a lens. it's Nikon AF 50mm f/1.8G

how's life, readers? having holiday already or still struggling with your final exam? good luck for eveybody!!! have a nice holiday for those who are lucky. im on holiday too. but i cant really enjoy it. a month is never enough.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011


NAH. holiday starts today :)
mind to visit my secondhand shop here?

more stuffs ASAP. still sorting my wardrobe. nyehehee :)

Sunday, December 4, 2011

take a look

a shameless publication. excited to take self-portrait in BW. thats it. fin. D-2 to holiday!!!
im a freelance photographer on this holiday!! who wants to take photoshoot?? HEHE. im serious.

*if u think i dye my hair. that's totally wrong. my parents even dont allow me to.