Wednesday, March 14, 2012

rebel sweetheart

actually i dont have any idea for the title. but i think it fits best. not to mention that imma sweetheart nor rebel. haha... maybe because lace seems so feminine and black is hard, fierce.

selfmade unfinished lace tank top
pleated skirt - forever21
black heels - custom made
jegging - unbranded
oxford heels - iconinety9

this year is my first college year, finally. so i wont wear uniform in 5 days, in 24 months. of course i will wear the same clothes for sooo many times, but it's imposible if i repeat it like 3 days in a row and so on. so i told mom that i shud 'collect' new apparels from now.  i think i cant just wear a distro T's, same jeans everyday, and a sneakers. yeah ces im taking fashion design as my major so why cant i wear something fashionable? hahaaa..
i remember when i was a kid, i really hate shopping. really hate to buy a new cloth, to find the right one for me.. to find the fit size for me.. wasting so much time.. practically, i hate fashion.
but. few years later.. it all changed to 180 degree. i love fashion. i want to buy like everything caught my eyes, and things can make my heart pounds. and can make me think of it til dream about it.
fashion really changes my life. maybe if i disliked it, i think i'd live in a very boring world. study economics or business maybe, counting that effin complicated math aaaargh maybe i'd get crazy.
thanks God that i naturally got a talent that im so proud of. the creativity, and the skill to draw. these two things brought me into fashion world. in a very very right time.
i may not know like every single designer in the world. if u ask me who's my inspiration? i cant answer. who's my fave designer? cant answer it too. i go with the flow, with my mood as the 'captain'.
but sometimes eventhough my imagination has gone too far from reality, i cant express it. in my bedroom, i dressed up. but after ten minutes in front of the mirror. i changed the outfit. gaaaah this thing makes me so depressed.
school exams next week. from monday to monday. bloody monday. wish me luck. im so sick of em. haha

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


i remember that the first time i carried a SLR camera was my grandpa's nikon analog SLR. maybe i was 8 or whatsoever i forgot. i really didnt have idea what shud i do with that heavy stuff. so i just spinned(?) its lens, and i saw a small circle on the viewfinder with half black and half white, but changed when i played with the lens. for me, it's just an usual, very usual thing to do. i didnt give my interest in photography. but theeeen.. now im so into it. i have 8 cameras. yes 8. here are they. *i didnt include the pocket cam :P

analog SLR is dad's but he lends it to me for unlimited time haha.. DSLR, a purple octopus, black holga 135BC, diana mini, toycam from KFC, and an analog pocket cam also dad's.
see? how addicted i am to photography? i know that this hobby is so expensive, but i take this serious. i am now a freelance photographer (but not in duty right now LOL).
tho, i think photography relates well with fashion, two of em are like a couple, cant be separated, need each other.. and blablablaa.. here are some of my recent works, some of them were taken few minutes before i typed this post. sorry if i make em black and white.

uhm. i wanna promote myself too. in May - August if u need a photographer (but hey im a newbie so i cant do some complicated n huge works, with lighting blabla..) i just work with my DSLR and maybe some lenses which i can borrow from everywhere. :) just dont hesitate to contact me via email
u can contact me from now on, so i can manage the schedule :)
upcoming new outfit post this week :P