Monday, October 29, 2012

postcard from nowhere

wow finally Dea, friend of mind cud spare her super busy life to develop our films! (yes we are lomographeeeer!! :D )  i can develop em myself bcs in my place there's no film developers. if i want, i must go to south jakarta. or salemba (which ive just known from my senior lately). Dea, who lives in bandung still has the opportunity to develop films bcs there's still some film developers near her place :")
so here's my photos taken from my baby mini diana and holga 135bc. purely unedited, a bit blurry, a bit abstract. just enjoy.
let's start from holga's results...

my most fave!! love the tone colour sooo much. and the lonesome feeling :")

ghosts? haha. just multiple exposure

vu du ciel :D

here comes diana mini's results

@ pangandaran

satisfactory! got the flares wohoo

pasar baru. 

my fave too :D

bobby said HELLO! *he's my dog, a jumbo pomeranian

having pattern drafting mid-test tomorrow. wish me luck!