Sunday, May 27, 2012


attended lighting studio workshop by profoto few weeks ago and got to know that my lens settings has a difference with another lenses and it made me in trouble. boo. but fortunately i met 2 guys and they helped me and kept pushing me to try til drop. :") thanks guys u awesome. and this is one of my fave. 

another news, last saturday finally im graduated from my highschool. officially. and i got great scores anyway. it's unexpected! i got my bahasa score is the second highest score among my friend's in social program. and it's the highest among my other subjects and math's second highest. woohoo. it really made my day.

with mom n dad. i wore kebaya again groaaar

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anyone have idea what can i do in my official freedom life? an easy peasy thing.. haha
have a nice day guys

Friday, May 11, 2012

beauty kills

today i went to my friend's house together with my model Raniwidia Basileia to take beauty shot. i did her make up, hair-do, and  i took the photos. the house whose us 'borrowed', Selly, was becoming my assistant. haha. so we all worked our own. aaa.. lil but big-impact prob happened. my camera's batt gone FRIKKIN empty, even before take a shoot! but fortunately Selly has a driver so we went to my house to take the charger and blabla then we started our experiment. haha. it was a mission-accomplished session. im pretty satisfied with the results. but actually ive 2 themes for today's session.but clock's ticking.. so we might move fast. ill share u my photowerk today. enjoy. and ups, before there'll be some misunderstanding, she wasnt naked okay. she wore tube top. and this' not that type of 'seductive, sexy, apealling' photoshoot. :)

talent - raniwidia basileia
ph - mua - edit by me
ass. ph - selly

drop dead after this. headache. but worthed. :)

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

here i am, been living my freedom life in 2 weeks already n do nothing.
im bored. i found out in my own timeline in twitter, there's no other word than.. bored.
i know it's not good to keep complaining n protest.
i do nothing because of myself decide to not.
before i get this brand new life chapter, ive promised to myself to go to gym like everyFday.
but, the reality is sooo damn different. i wake up at 12 every single day. okay this' ridiculous.
i am now stressed out.i dont want this! but like my body keeps doing these thing.
and what makes me upset is just realized that my alarm never wakes me up in 2 weeks! idk why but my phone sometimes very naughty nyehehe..
i feel like.. shocked with this life i think. the first 2 days of holiday, im rusted at home. maybe because i dont  really comfort with life without schedule. evntho i hate schedule.
i used to wake up at 5 every morning in schoolday. eventho i just had to go at 6. now? i live with no sched n it's killin me softly.
the biggest enemy for me to do nothing is... too lazy to go out. yes i dont have private transport so i hav to go everywhre w pulic. cross the road... walk kilometres to reach my sewing course..
at home, my inet conn is so damned. this laptop isnt mine, this' mine n mom's. so she never allows me to bring it everywhere just to get wifi. this's hard.
dad's gonna buy me my own but. it's after iget into college. AARGH.
the last thing i want to blame is. the heat. ridiculously crazy. the distance from my home to bank is just maybe 300m, n after i walked that far, i sweat like crazy. geez
this world's gettin mad.
but thanks God we finally get indovision in our home. i watch tv whole day now. -_________- i also learn to bake cake. eventho still failed. cupcakes, soufle, n i whisk egg whites by my own hand ces i dont have mixer.
so i maybe will try to make meringue, or schuimpjes in dutch.
and now im selling some makeup brands like NYX, etude, skinfood, and faceshop. this makes me love makeup more n more! :D so i sometimes do make up experiments mohoho. this' my upcoming project. :3

going to bandung this saturday and gonna post sth haha :)