Wednesday, June 27, 2012

not too dark

whoaaa it's been ages eh? finally im back updating my bloggie wohoooo :D
im still struggling with bad inet conn but in some ocassions i got free wifi from somewhere idk. hahaaaaa
and today, my inet is being good. this is the.. third month of my holiday~ really get bored.. im surely cant wait for my college life.. which is still.. 2 months ahead D:
fortunately my bestie is in town!! so i still can hang out with.. minimum budget. yes yes im broke. no enough money to have fun this month boo. but yeah. sewing course is enough. mehehe..
im thinking to perm my hair. it looks kinda like this.. im just bored with straight hair in my whole life. i want something different... what do you think? :)

selfmade floral tank top
unbranded assymetrical skirt
custom made boots
unbranded round glasses
unbranded ring

see that infinity symbol 'tattoo'? i made that with henna paste, not black ces im afraid with the chemical thingy inside it which can burn ur skin.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


fellow readers im so frikkin sorry to not update my blog for ages. gah my inet conn is damn unstable yet i can take outfit post or else ces i have no time and the everytime i want to the condition isnt good. so maybe i'll take hiatus for couple of weeks hehe. im making some new apparel tho. so i can make outfit post after hiatus. yay! i apologize from the bottom of my heart. hehe
have a great day guys! xoxo