Saturday, January 21, 2012


been into galaxy pattern so much. but havent found out which galaxy stuff attracts me now (because of bankrupt. *sigh)
but!!! after i find out that watercolor is the best applicator for painting so far, so i decided to make that galaxy-ish myself, and try a technique. 
aaa i dont know what's it. blending technique, maybe? just check em out. 
(not uploading the real galaxy-ish design. too precious :P)

color blocking, eh?
anyway, gonna take hiatus for months. im not sure because i'll be busy preparing everything for my (super duper) FINAL exams. 
wont have time i guess..
but i'll try to post something later. but not outfit post hehehe..

Friday, January 6, 2012


im struggling on what title shud this post be.. then my itunes playing paradise from coldplay. sucha great song.. :)
anyway, havent i greeted u all happy new year?? heheh.. this week was so full of joy. had a photoshoot with my very berry bestfriend .. cooked luncheon and dessert together with other friends, drive janice's car together with her without any parents companion :) made yaki gyoza at home, then today ate japanese with friends.. aaaah im so blessed to have them all :")
today's post not about my outfit post.. but this' dedicated to Janice Agnes as my bestfriend, model, and soulmate. haha.. thanks for 6 years friendship, to share happiness and sadness together, supporting each other. that's sweet... :D

preppy polkadot tank - made by me
skirt - f21
assorted rings - unbranded
oxford wedges - adorable project

choco lava cake made with friends

jonathan, me, katherine, marli, janice (mind our tired faces)