Monday, October 29, 2012

postcard from nowhere

wow finally Dea, friend of mind cud spare her super busy life to develop our films! (yes we are lomographeeeer!! :D )  i can develop em myself bcs in my place there's no film developers. if i want, i must go to south jakarta. or salemba (which ive just known from my senior lately). Dea, who lives in bandung still has the opportunity to develop films bcs there's still some film developers near her place :")
so here's my photos taken from my baby mini diana and holga 135bc. purely unedited, a bit blurry, a bit abstract. just enjoy.
let's start from holga's results...

my most fave!! love the tone colour sooo much. and the lonesome feeling :")

ghosts? haha. just multiple exposure

vu du ciel :D

here comes diana mini's results

@ pangandaran

satisfactory! got the flares wohoo

pasar baru. 

my fave too :D

bobby said HELLO! *he's my dog, a jumbo pomeranian

having pattern drafting mid-test tomorrow. wish me luck! 

Thursday, October 25, 2012


finally. i do miss blogging so much but sadly have no time to do this. actually not only about that. i just think that my passion in blogging a bit vanished lol. but yeah. as long as i have something to put on my blog ill do it. :") like today as usual my class (textile class. imagine 3 hours studying about textile.) ends at 12 so reached home way way way earlier. so i had a chance to take photo (eventho i used my phone n did quick shots helped by mom) i just wanna share about my daily college outfit. i barely dress up. im so so layback lately. sorry for the bad image quality anyway....

unbranded tank top
cardigan - retailtherapy
maroon jegging - zara basic
oxford shoes - TLTSN

Thursday, October 11, 2012

what ive been doing for this 1 month absence... indescribable. overloaded with assignments, projects, sleep deprivation, exhaustion, but amazing. i feel life. totally. i love this!! :D
actually i wanted to post some of my projects and assignments here but never have time to post it (except on instagram :P) but now, i can post 1 of zillion assignments ive done. this' drawing blablabla subject assignment. story board or something. made 5. but this' my most fave :P

a Little piece of Heaven. title was taken from avenged sevenfold's song. haha... thought this will fit well so i use this title. (ah. havent change the font :p) this' for a/w color inspiration.. wish me luck for this assignment. Ciao!!