Sunday, December 2, 2012

can't imagine ive been in a hiatus for sooo long. ive been in college for almost 4 months, 2 weeks to final then i'll be ready for 2nd term. time flies like a rocket! so, next week will be my 14th week outta 15. final projects are all queuing to be done. im a bit overwhelmed with that. ah. i wanna share what my projects are.
so i am given 5 subjects for this term.
for sewing and pattern drafting class, we fashion design students were given a project to make a dress, by our own design.
fashion phenomena, simply call it fashion history class, to make a comparison book, modern n old costumes. ha. this has been done 3 weeks ago. relieved.
textile class!!! i hate choo!!!!! really. we must make a textile album which makes us rolling in the deep, jumping everywhere, to find some textile. lets say... silk! wool! these r still normal. but how about.. lyocell? acetate? ever heard about em? dammit. we burnt like dozens of fabrics inside the store to identify what's that, what's this. haaaaha...
drawing class. to make a collection for a/w and s/s, from the concept, texture, textile design, and of course the garment designs. im stressed out.
the point is.. im stressed out. yeah at first week i did hope to go to college for 17 weeks lol but now i do wish that holiday comes fasteeeeer!!
but hey. i dont say that high school is a lot better, i still love college life. nyihihihahaha.. high school sucks, anyway.
so wish me and friends so much luck. we need luck. i'll die young if i fail even 1 subject graaa no no, i wont, i'll pass every subjects~ *whistling*

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