Sunday, October 30, 2011

inside your mind

finally Retail Therapy launched their latest collection, Darkness Inside Mind. visit their blog to see their lookbook and be amazed :) go grab ur fave ASAP before u regret it.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

food food foooood

i know the title seems like im in a serious starvation but nooo. i was not. haha. today i took photo session with two of my friends at sushi tei then we continued photohunt at la piazza. food porn. yes it is. we were practicing photography by exposing those innocent foods :) and the results do satisfy me enough. but still have to learn more and more. enjoy..

my friend did a crazy thing, mixing wasabi, etc. 

how're they? if u think there's something i shud correct u may please tell me.. im obviously appreciate ur comments and advices :)
oh! and i wanna thank u all for give me comments on my previous posts, im so honored! and happy of course! u gave me positive feedbacks that makes me wanna keep up blogging :)

Thursday, October 27, 2011


have total 7 tests for this week. hectic, no? plus many assignments must have done within few days more. gaaah. kinda depressed. this morning, it was raining. increased my mood suddenly and i saw those blue-gray skies which was very very very uncommon. i was amazed. then when i got back home, i enjoyed my trip. i was looking above when i realized that.. those clouds look like pure white cotton. really. like there were no pollution. :) and the sun shines damnly bright and i sweat. haha (not a good ending :P) and please dont get bored with my outfit colors. and those wedges. :) i love this skirt. haha... i made this for 9 hours (total. i made this at my sewing course..). kinda hard to find the zipper...
black tank - unbranded
black skirt - DIY
red wedges - custom made
double rings - unbranded

Friday, October 21, 2011


vintage top - thrifted
black lace skirt - forever21
custom made red wedges
assorted rings - unbranded

really cant stand the heat when i was taking these photos. i sweat like crazy. so i took it really quick. that vintage top, i got it for free. i felt in love with it at the first sight. and finally i get my red wedges waaaa :D

Thursday, October 20, 2011


sometimes, it's hard for us to be grateful about everything we get. for an example, i usually complain something in the morning. like 'uuu still wanna sleeeeep' or 'aaargh i woke up late because i was hard to fall asleep last night!' but. one day, i realized how can i say that but i never see the positive things? like, it's no big deal for me to wake up late, rather than i'd never wake up forever? that thought open my mind. i think there're too much complains i said in my life. but i say to myself now, i shud be grateful about everything. whether it's good or not. this' the way to keep in faith and yeah,a bit solve my problems or strugglings. so, be grateful! :)

Monday, October 17, 2011


tested camaro's self timer and... i got my own tripod~!! but no no, i didnt buy it. it was grandpa's. but mom gave it to me haha.. so.. it's guhreat news!! :)
grey assymetrical dress - nikicio
brown cardigan - unbranded
custom made clogs

this one's my fave photo overall :)

Sunday, October 16, 2011

camaro lee

as i said on my previous post, yesterday i bought my dslr :) it's nikon and as usual, i give it (but now it's a he) name, he's camaro lee. why camaro? it just caught me up when the first time i heard that name on a novel i read. it's mazda camaro. and camaro (according to mazda) means companion. so i guess this' the best name :P and lee, i dont know i just mixed em and they both match.
so here are some pics i shot yesterday.. not so good i think haha. still learning. and oh. he has fisheye effect!!

the dog above is mine, bobby :P

Friday, October 14, 2011

soul sisters

inspired by train's song, hey,soul sister, and fortunately have 2 pretty cousins, why not? so a month ago, had a photoshoot with them at Ancol. it's kinda challenging to style ur own cousins i think but it didnt take so much time. and when i see the result, to be honest i wasnt too satisfied (because of my own work. i mean, how i posed them, how i shot them in some wrong angles.. gah.. need to practice more). i took 2 sessions. first using black and white film so the theme was dark and kinda sad. and the rest is colorful. (so this' the reason why i could make the previous quote)
enjoy :)

models : Ariella Michele & Angelyn Christy
for more results you can also visit my lomohome :)

oh. maybe this' a good news (esp for myself :p) im going to buy my very very first DSLR tomorrow whoaaa excited! you maybe can have it easily but me, i have to wait for more than 2 years, and the day is finally come!!

Monday, October 10, 2011

life's about truths and lies.
life's black and white or colorful. 
life's about happiness and sadness. 
life's about choosing between many posibilities. 
life's about decision. 
life's about fate.
your life's about how you live it. how you dream it. how you get it.

ph: holga 135bc, lucky BW 100, courtesy by me.