Thursday, September 13, 2012


yaaaay im back im back!! :_D wow it's been 2 weeks since i start my college. college life's fun, tough, and challenging. in my class there's only 15 students (still counting tho). my friends are all good in their own way. some are funny some are kind etc etc. my schedule is crazy but behind that craziness, im so grateful. here, my classes end at 6, 5, and 4  every monday, tuesday, n wednesday. on thursday class starts in d morning and only 3 hours then hooome and enjoy le long weekend(but yea, this doesnt mean holiday. it means, doing my assignments!!!)
first week was hectic. need to buy these n those, no time even to eat (i was just lazy to eat anw.. so i think i got a bit of weight loss.. 0.5kg is soooo satisfying lolol) but now i already feel convenient with life.i feel much much much happier than when i was in school. the assignments dont bury me into burden. i take it as something enjoyable-maybe because i really love it :)

finally i cut my fringe. i cant stand no more with long fringe. i have to sew but in first couple of minutes i had to struggle with that -_- so yeah.. this' how i look now. :| i dont know does it fit me or no but i just feel comfort with this straight messy fringe. and applied my new fave eyeliner style. kekeke...

catcha later but not in the mean time. maybe next month? lol

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