Friday, September 23, 2011


i wasnt so fancy with accessories before. but i realized that they're too adorable too refuse. so i give it a try and the result is im so addicted. esp with rings. i dont know why rings attract me the most beside necklace or bangles even earrings. haha... so i mostly collect rings now. i know that accessories actually dont worth to buy so i buy unbranded ones. that cross ring, that looks similar with f21 one. but i bought it just for idr 17k. lol. and it cracked (quality talks, i know) but the funny think is.. i just sticked it again with glue and tadaaa it looks not really miserable tho hahaha.. that penny necklace which penny i put on the candle. i got it for free and without any effort. because i grabbed a thrifted top which was sold on my class' event, cheap market. and yeah. i was allowed to take it and after i got back home that penny plus chain became a vintage necklace :)
if my bestie janice didnt give me that assorted bangles few months ago maybe until now i dont have bangles (i ever made one, though)

mumford and sons

ive been into rock music in this few years (6 years?). in my ipod there are my chemical romance, patd, fall out boy, yellowcard, 30stm, simple plan.. etc. but now. ive changed my sense of music a bit different. eventhough there's still rock music. im so into indie pop rock nowadays. especially uk indie. such as one night only(you know    george craig? burberry model, emma watson's ex, he's the singer in this band), franKo, loney dear, asobi seksu, owen, and sondre lerche(he's not too indie tho) and one more band who makes me adore them at the very very first second of their song is. mumford and sons. yes. they're from uk, consist of 4 incredible people with marcus mumford as the singer and blahblah.. the first song i listened to was little lion man. oh dear... so speechless. im directly fallin in love with them :D

curious? watch their vclips below.. the concept of their vids are awesome!!

Sunday, September 18, 2011


black floral dress - DIY 
nude blazer- gift from friends 
clogs - custom made
batik platform - shoezisme
bangles & rings - unbranded, thrifted, gift

excited! yes. just one word. i changed my mind to neglect this pity blog. yeah eventho i wont update this everyday but at least once a week is enough :p
so as i promised before, i show u my second DIY cloth. yeah yeah that dress! that floral dress!! i wore it to my friend's dinner and it felt so comfy (but my dad says it's too short. yea i know. haha.. mind my big tights --" )
do u notice something? yep. i was wearing 2 different shoes. why? ugh it's hard. yeah. i took my outfit post actually last night around 00.30 bcs insomnia striked. then today when i was copying them, i forgot to paste em. and then one deathly button clicked. deleted. YES! but d positive thing is today i got a chance to put on my make up. covers a bit of my tired face haha. i put foundation, black eyeshadow and one little unique thing. NYX cooper eyeliner pencil for lipstick. it has 2 functions. :)
and yesyes. my hair's gettin longer and longer. i knot em everyday to make em wavy. but next year maybe ill perm my hair :D
in this post actually i wanna introduce to all of you my alter ego. i dont know her name yet. but she's quirky yet layback. so if u find my faces here are too serious or even smile in a smirk way. yea that's my alter ego :)

upcoming sewing project : drapery skirt. next week i'll show u! this's almost done! *fingercrossed

Thursday, September 8, 2011


been a passive blogger, and now im taking a long hiatus from lomography. why? because my holga lens was cracked and he's (my holga has a name, Gabe) gonna have his first and forever be the last(amen) surgery. TTnTT and find out that i dont have enough money to develop my films in this current months, i decided to take hiatus and dont know where will i start again. i do hope i can be an active lomographer ASAP. but since i want a DSLR too, so im saving my money little by little. sigh... ive spent too much money. and realize that i dont have any cooperative person to take my outfit photos and my pocket camera's a damned, im gonna take a blog hiatus too. ha. oh my.. yep im so busy right now. this' a tough year for me. senior year, many exams are waiting. i promise next year i'll be productive haha -___- there will be loads of DIY clothes that i sewn by myself. promise! (fingerscrossed)
so... enjoy some of my fave photos taken with my dearest gabe..

ci caroline robianto from coraline

from my lovely diana mini, bliss misty (she's been 1 year over with me!!! :"D her birthdate is june 7!)

kota tua


last but not least! from my cutie octopus, kobe..

for more photos, click my lomohome :)

BYE :')