Tuesday, August 14, 2012


yay new post again! ah idk what to say at first :P
it's mid august means.. 2 weeks to start my college life whoopiee!! *yeah for some people this' weird bcs we usually need more holiday but trust me im sick with 5 months of holiday alr.
so, when i was editing my photos, i saw many kind of expressions on my face. that kind of mean girl, smirking, happy,n ridiculous ones. so i have a thought. oh. what's others impression to me. do i look bad? or do i look fun to be with? haha.. it just popped out suddenly. some friends of mine ever said that when they first saw me they thought i was a mean girl, and a kind of person who doesnt like to make friends. but after they know me for few weeks, theyre totally wrong. im a kind of crazy, ridiculous, and freak. (freak in a fun way. not 'freak' in a bullying yah..) but yeah. i dont really care actually. when i wanna change my personality, it's only my business. what people need to do is to criticize me to be a better one. aaha.. such a serious talk isnt it.

selfmade tangerine tanktop
gaudi nude blazer
zara basic shorts
anchor necklace from KL
custom made oxford creepers


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  2. you look great, your blazer and your shoes work well on you.

  3. love your shoes <3

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  4. love your shoes so much!


  5. love the colour of that blouse! and very pretty shoes :)

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