Saturday, June 15, 2013

hey readers hows life so far? mine's a bit bumpy road here and there hehe. so many ups and down since my last post (i even forgot when was that wiiii..)
so in this kinda short post i wanna explain u about my absence (and it feels like im totally lost from this earth, sunk into the center of the earth :P)
yeah as u know guys im now in college and it's my third term now! *and know what, 2months later ill be on my 4th term. fast..
college life never been this fun yet exhausting at the same time. no time to rest ur brain, too little time to rest ur body. i wake up at 5 everyday and leave home at 6, go back home at 8. so practically im home only to get shower, do assignments, sleep, and then college again. that's my daily routine.
fortunately i got no class on friday (again) so one thing to be grateful is.. super long weekend but yeah. weekend is just like another day. finishing my assignments. :")
im a bit amazed and surprised by myself, i never thought that i cud face, handle, and nail this kinda tough life, remember that i was a super-duper-lazy-student in school back then.
then, no photo cud be uploaded here. my laptop is just full of assignments.
i attended IFW and JFFF fashion show n took many photos, but im sure it's so not-up to date again to post them shah. and knowing that my daily outfit is just... tshirt-jeans-flats, what's interesting eh. :")
so i hope i cud get back to blogging again eventho it means next year.. i just miss blogging. anyway.
so im on hiatus until i graduate from collegeeeeee :____)
take care u guys :*

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