Wednesday, September 4, 2013


Oh hi! finally i can take some time to look after this neglected blog. :")
this' my second week a.k.a last week of holiday. yea next week's gonna bee my 4th term of college :D pretty excited tho.

okay, what did i do in this holiday.. i made 2 skirts for my 2  cousins, made a tank top for myself, went to Puncak for a quick getaway, then... i bought ukulele!!!! yes yes that tiny hawaiian instrument! why i bought it? why not guitar? alright, the case is.. my fingers are just pretty short, shorter than people under my age lol. so i even cant play C chord properly on dad's guitar. pity eh?
the first song i started to learn is summertime of our lives from cody simpson :D
someday soon, maybe just maybe, ill post abt me playing my uke? hhah..

actually i dont know what shud i write in this post again. but maybe i can share u some of my life experience in this few months. yea?
so, i got really... damned... cursed.. breakout on my whoooole face. i chose a wrong wrong wrong skincare which i thought it was suitable for me bcs at the first time it didnt break me out. then i stop using it, try out a medicine i used to apply for this 2 weeks and it's better now. but still i have to go back to a dermatologist. in this time, i do really want it so bad. man my skin becomes reeeeed, harsh, greasy, yet dry. horrid. wish me luck for my soon to be facial treatment. hope it helps.

i watched game of thrones. 3 seasons in 1 month. im so addicted. but the dvd i bought, it skips some episodes idk why. i skipped the most most most anticipated scene which is the red wedding. damn! i shud find it on youtube eh?

oh i havent told ya before, that i do love knitting yes. i ever learnt it by myself via youtube and vid, but i stucked in just 2 variations of it, purl and jersey. and u know what!!! i got the subject on my 4th term! yesyes with (i can call him) one of my fave lecturer. yaaay! thats why im pretty excited to start my new term :D
i also started to make industrial project which is a project for the whole classes with same concept, and we're gonna make 1 outta 3 collection to be shown on graduation show! *amen

i want to perm my hair again. i still got my hair a bit wavy (i can see it after shower. it's all still curly) so i can say that my perm lasts for almost... 8 months! it's such a thing! but gonna perm it later. still wanna enjoy my natural hair shah..
though i dont have much time to take care of my hair. this' a lil secret of mine. (not anymore eh) i... haven't.. been to a saloon for.. 3 years! :D i trim, perm, cream bath, mask my hair by myself. im pretty independent eh? :P
i trim my hair (normally) once in 2  weeks to prevent my hair from split ends (caused by perm) and creambath in once a week (i used to. but not in the final weeks)

alright alright too much blabbing so im done now! see you on my next post :")
hopefully i can update my skin progress haha..

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