Monday, February 27, 2012

inspirations vol.2

first of all, thanks for the bday wishes :") i got the starbucks tumbler from my very berry sweetie bestie ever, janice :) and im doing fine with all these practical exams. it just feels like common exams, not final at all. but i past everything well, thank God. 2 tests left, religion and dance. im so givin this -_____- face to dance test. whatever it takes i really dont care. just let God do the rest cos im doing my best and im satisfied
February is almost over. these are my current inspirations below.

i need a new hairstyle. my hair's long enough to be permed or anything. but i also miss my medium hair, so sudden. :")

red matte lipstick caught my eyes lately. im looking for one of it.

i miss lomography. i miss photography. after saw many great B&W fashion photoshoots i really got much inspirations. aaaa my hands are so itchy to do my whole project-after-graduated :D

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