Tuesday, March 13, 2012


i remember that the first time i carried a SLR camera was my grandpa's nikon analog SLR. maybe i was 8 or whatsoever i forgot. i really didnt have idea what shud i do with that heavy stuff. so i just spinned(?) its lens, and i saw a small circle on the viewfinder with half black and half white, but changed when i played with the lens. for me, it's just an usual, very usual thing to do. i didnt give my interest in photography. but theeeen.. now im so into it. i have 8 cameras. yes 8. here are they. *i didnt include the pocket cam :P

analog SLR is dad's but he lends it to me for unlimited time haha.. DSLR, a purple octopus, black holga 135BC, diana mini, toycam from KFC, and an analog pocket cam also dad's.
see? how addicted i am to photography? i know that this hobby is so expensive, but i take this serious. i am now a freelance photographer (but not in duty right now LOL).
tho, i think photography relates well with fashion, two of em are like a couple, cant be separated, need each other.. and blablablaa.. here are some of my recent works, some of them were taken few minutes before i typed this post. sorry if i make em black and white.

uhm. i wanna promote myself too. in May - August if u need a photographer (but hey im a newbie so i cant do some complicated n huge works, with lighting blabla..) i just work with my DSLR and maybe some lenses which i can borrow from everywhere. :) just dont hesitate to contact me via email anyasinta@gmail.com
u can contact me from now on, so i can manage the schedule :)
upcoming new outfit post this week :P


  1. Well you have a good collection of camera here.. and btw I love the monochrome picture so much! And oh, good luck for your new job as a freelance photographer alright! :D

  2. let your national exams come faster so you'll be my photographer then ;p follow me back,anya?