Tuesday, February 14, 2012


birthday's coming!! next tuesday! so i think it's okay for me to share what's in my bday wishlist..

new earphone. no need beats, no need sennheiser. i just need pink philips bubble earphone! it's my current earphone but it has a prob alr. the silicon on it has just detached. graaahh it bothers me much. i need a new one!! TTnTT me super love it. the color combined with my old black-silly ipod is just... aaarrrgh.

2. Up wedges by Diana Rikasari. me want pandora black or nude, or stella black or beige. haha just buy me one of em and i'll be happy!! :)

white ceramics starbucks tumbler. this white n black ones is just.. gosh. simple. classic. kewl. hahaha.. im intended to bring tumbler when in college so this might be the best companion haha :)

thats it :)


  1. hahaha kudos to no beats or seinheiser! my earplug is candy pink sony. LOL. :)

  2. Ohh I'll be back to Beijing on your birthday! :( Anyway, these items are so coolll hope you'll get them on your birthday!

  3. wish u could get everything u want in ur birthday :)
    wish u all the best, dear.