Saturday, February 11, 2012


vintage top - Pasar Senen
black tank - unbranded
maxi skirt - unbranded
heels - superfashionme
assorted rings - unbranded
selfmade bangles

decided to erase what ive just written here heheheh... practical exam next week. excited!!! :D wish me luck!!
it's gonna be tough yet fun! 


  1. Hi dear, I think it's really important for us to knew, understand, and received ourselves.
    I also have a big body (I'm 62 kgs with only 160 cms height), I got big boobs, I'm dark skinned, and I have to smoothen my hair every 8 months to make it straight.
    At first, I also hates myself for not being so-so like any other slim-white girls. But then I realized that we're lucky to be different. We're not just the same like any others.
    We have to embrace ourselves in order to be embraced by others. Men loves women with confidence, you know.
    Oh and I'd killed to have a straight hair and white skin like you. :p
    You are beautifully and wonderfully made by God. :)
    Ugh, I'm sorry I blabbered a lot :p

    Come and hail to my cruise, yo mates!

  2. Hey Anya! No no no no don't say such things, nobody's perfect, you know that. But I also understand that you want to be a better you for sure, I suffered for acne for about two years as well and thank God now they're gone but now I have to deal with the acne scars. I have icepicks kind of acne scars and they're really hard to get rid off, but I'm working on it and I know that they will be gone someday only if I keep myself using the right products, stop touching my facial skin, and do my skin care routine every SINGLE night. Sometimes I get lazy you know, I just wanna wash my face real fast and then jump to bed. And I need to wear some kind of headband to get my hair off my face every night when I already used those products too, but I have to go to school the day after and I don't want my hair to look punk-ish to I wash my hair every single morning and I have to wear a hat right after I wash my hair to keep my hair down (so here's my little tips, if you have a crazy looking hair, just wear a hat for 10 minutes and when u take it off ur hair will look sooooo neat hahaha), then I'm finished showering and get ready for school. So yeah, I think everyone needs to do their biggest efforts in order to get what they want. I'm not gonna say, hey it's okay to be a big size blablabla love yourself for who you are blablabla. Listen girl, if you really want to lose your weight, GO FOR IT. Do what you have to do, work for it! People say that we as human has to pursuit our dreams right? Well dreams dont always have to be something big or something you need to accomplish in a far future. It can also your biggest insecurities, fear etc. I know I'm not a doctor but I think I have one little tip to lose your weight and I'm sure about this but I hope it helps. WATER DIET! Drink a glass of water every one hour. And I'm sure it's not gonna be as effective as it supposed to be if you dont do any other diet in the same time too, I suggest you to go to a doctor or ahli gizi maybe? I think they're the best ones who can help you. They can help you to assign your daily diet, so you can be much more organized about your food and everything. And lastly, don't let yourself lose your confidence just because of this fucking problem. You know what, people like to bring down other people who are vulnerable in their eyes. And lastlyyy, always bring every single problems, dreams, wishes and everything in your pray. God is always there for you, He's waaaay kinder than you think He is :) Don't ever let failure/problems/people stop you from chasing your dreams! *hugs*

  3. GREAT LOOK <3
    very lovely dear
    i'm following you
    mind to follow back :)