Friday, September 23, 2011

mumford and sons

ive been into rock music in this few years (6 years?). in my ipod there are my chemical romance, patd, fall out boy, yellowcard, 30stm, simple plan.. etc. but now. ive changed my sense of music a bit different. eventhough there's still rock music. im so into indie pop rock nowadays. especially uk indie. such as one night only(you know    george craig? burberry model, emma watson's ex, he's the singer in this band), franKo, loney dear, asobi seksu, owen, and sondre lerche(he's not too indie tho) and one more band who makes me adore them at the very very first second of their song is. mumford and sons. yes. they're from uk, consist of 4 incredible people with marcus mumford as the singer and blahblah.. the first song i listened to was little lion man. oh dear... so speechless. im directly fallin in love with them :D

curious? watch their vclips below.. the concept of their vids are awesome!!

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