Friday, September 23, 2011


i wasnt so fancy with accessories before. but i realized that they're too adorable too refuse. so i give it a try and the result is im so addicted. esp with rings. i dont know why rings attract me the most beside necklace or bangles even earrings. haha... so i mostly collect rings now. i know that accessories actually dont worth to buy so i buy unbranded ones. that cross ring, that looks similar with f21 one. but i bought it just for idr 17k. lol. and it cracked (quality talks, i know) but the funny think is.. i just sticked it again with glue and tadaaa it looks not really miserable tho hahaha.. that penny necklace which penny i put on the candle. i got it for free and without any effort. because i grabbed a thrifted top which was sold on my class' event, cheap market. and yeah. i was allowed to take it and after i got back home that penny plus chain became a vintage necklace :)
if my bestie janice didnt give me that assorted bangles few months ago maybe until now i dont have bangles (i ever made one, though)

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