Sunday, September 18, 2011


black floral dress - DIY 
nude blazer- gift from friends 
clogs - custom made
batik platform - shoezisme
bangles & rings - unbranded, thrifted, gift

excited! yes. just one word. i changed my mind to neglect this pity blog. yeah eventho i wont update this everyday but at least once a week is enough :p
so as i promised before, i show u my second DIY cloth. yeah yeah that dress! that floral dress!! i wore it to my friend's dinner and it felt so comfy (but my dad says it's too short. yea i know. haha.. mind my big tights --" )
do u notice something? yep. i was wearing 2 different shoes. why? ugh it's hard. yeah. i took my outfit post actually last night around 00.30 bcs insomnia striked. then today when i was copying them, i forgot to paste em. and then one deathly button clicked. deleted. YES! but d positive thing is today i got a chance to put on my make up. covers a bit of my tired face haha. i put foundation, black eyeshadow and one little unique thing. NYX cooper eyeliner pencil for lipstick. it has 2 functions. :)
and yesyes. my hair's gettin longer and longer. i knot em everyday to make em wavy. but next year maybe ill perm my hair :D
in this post actually i wanna introduce to all of you my alter ego. i dont know her name yet. but she's quirky yet layback. so if u find my faces here are too serious or even smile in a smirk way. yea that's my alter ego :)

upcoming sewing project : drapery skirt. next week i'll show u! this's almost done! *fingercrossed


  1. I adore the shoes - they look so so cool :)

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