Thursday, September 8, 2011


been a passive blogger, and now im taking a long hiatus from lomography. why? because my holga lens was cracked and he's (my holga has a name, Gabe) gonna have his first and forever be the last(amen) surgery. TTnTT and find out that i dont have enough money to develop my films in this current months, i decided to take hiatus and dont know where will i start again. i do hope i can be an active lomographer ASAP. but since i want a DSLR too, so im saving my money little by little. sigh... ive spent too much money. and realize that i dont have any cooperative person to take my outfit photos and my pocket camera's a damned, im gonna take a blog hiatus too. ha. oh my.. yep im so busy right now. this' a tough year for me. senior year, many exams are waiting. i promise next year i'll be productive haha -___- there will be loads of DIY clothes that i sewn by myself. promise! (fingerscrossed)
so... enjoy some of my fave photos taken with my dearest gabe..

ci caroline robianto from coraline

from my lovely diana mini, bliss misty (she's been 1 year over with me!!! :"D her birthdate is june 7!)

kota tua


last but not least! from my cutie octopus, kobe..

for more photos, click my lomohome :)

BYE :')

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