Wednesday, May 9, 2012

here i am, been living my freedom life in 2 weeks already n do nothing.
im bored. i found out in my own timeline in twitter, there's no other word than.. bored.
i know it's not good to keep complaining n protest.
i do nothing because of myself decide to not.
before i get this brand new life chapter, ive promised to myself to go to gym like everyFday.
but, the reality is sooo damn different. i wake up at 12 every single day. okay this' ridiculous.
i am now stressed out.i dont want this! but like my body keeps doing these thing.
and what makes me upset is just realized that my alarm never wakes me up in 2 weeks! idk why but my phone sometimes very naughty nyehehe..
i feel like.. shocked with this life i think. the first 2 days of holiday, im rusted at home. maybe because i dont  really comfort with life without schedule. evntho i hate schedule.
i used to wake up at 5 every morning in schoolday. eventho i just had to go at 6. now? i live with no sched n it's killin me softly.
the biggest enemy for me to do nothing is... too lazy to go out. yes i dont have private transport so i hav to go everywhre w pulic. cross the road... walk kilometres to reach my sewing course..
at home, my inet conn is so damned. this laptop isnt mine, this' mine n mom's. so she never allows me to bring it everywhere just to get wifi. this's hard.
dad's gonna buy me my own but. it's after iget into college. AARGH.
the last thing i want to blame is. the heat. ridiculously crazy. the distance from my home to bank is just maybe 300m, n after i walked that far, i sweat like crazy. geez
this world's gettin mad.
but thanks God we finally get indovision in our home. i watch tv whole day now. -_________- i also learn to bake cake. eventho still failed. cupcakes, soufle, n i whisk egg whites by my own hand ces i dont have mixer.
so i maybe will try to make meringue, or schuimpjes in dutch.
and now im selling some makeup brands like NYX, etude, skinfood, and faceshop. this makes me love makeup more n more! :D so i sometimes do make up experiments mohoho. this' my upcoming project. :3

going to bandung this saturday and gonna post sth haha :)

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  1. hahah. glad that finally you got something to do,,,wanna try your cake. hehehe