Sunday, May 27, 2012


attended lighting studio workshop by profoto few weeks ago and got to know that my lens settings has a difference with another lenses and it made me in trouble. boo. but fortunately i met 2 guys and they helped me and kept pushing me to try til drop. :") thanks guys u awesome. and this is one of my fave. 

another news, last saturday finally im graduated from my highschool. officially. and i got great scores anyway. it's unexpected! i got my bahasa score is the second highest score among my friend's in social program. and it's the highest among my other subjects and math's second highest. woohoo. it really made my day.

with mom n dad. i wore kebaya again groaaar

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anyone have idea what can i do in my official freedom life? an easy peasy thing.. haha
have a nice day guys


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  2. Your post is beautiful! follow each other?:X