Monday, April 23, 2012

grab 'em please?

okay im done with school finally. cant believe it. but it's such a relief! i dont have to study math, geo, economy, accounting again.. dont need to wear the uniform with hi-socks(which i hate to death), no backpack with tons of thick books.. aaah maybe ill miss it but not now. haha :)
but im now feeling weird with no such effin things to do, forced me to do it intime, no more deadlines, no multiFtasking, aaaah now im rusted. in 4 days. i need to make clothes. i need to cook. to get my life back. YEAH.
so im now an official unemployed person with so many projects to do. first thing is to get a job, to earn money, so i can make the bigger project with my bestie. so... ces of that, im selling my shoes, which arent used so often, even just for blogpost! these arent those branded shoes just custom made shoes, unbranded, and a local branded shoes. mint condition, fellas! a bit dusty but i can fix it :) but sadly no box. okay ill make one for each then. because their boxes have broken and blabla so such a shame to sell em with their old box. so here they are.

custom made chili red wedges
size 38 (23,5cm)
heels 8cm, platform 2,5cm
synthetic leather, a bit glossy
mint condition, worn in blogpost only.
IDR 160k

unbranded black criss-cross heels with zipper
size 37 (approx 22,5-23cm)
heels 7cm no platform
black suede
mint condition, the sole isnt dirty at all
IDR 170k

shoezisme batik heels, 'confess the trisna'
size 38 (23,5cm)
heels 11cm platform 3cm
black denim & batik fabric
mint condition, worn in blogpost only.
IDR 180k (which was 250k at store)

oh and before the national exam A WEEK AGO (yes a week ago!!! time flies fast )i made these 2 detached collars, for refreshing.. :)

ordinary one

the other one, for janice.the length can be adjusted :D

want to tell you something (unimportant).. ive got a very berry terrible sunburnt skin. i got it from my last photoshoot for yearbook at ancol, i was there for almost 6 hours outdoor, at the beach, so here how the skin is. oh, thank God it's peelin off a bit everyday but not sure for how long it will recover :/

see? my hand and neck are burnt, because i wore sleeveless dress -________-
aaaa i wanna share u my photos taken at that time, by my friends ihiiiiy 

by Bernardus Ricky

by Raniwidia Basileia


  1. ah love the red one! really nice photoshoot:)
    visit and follow my blog if you love♥ i'll follow you back dear:)

  2. Gorgeous shots from the photoshoot =) Love the shoes! Hope you get well soon from the sunburn! X

  3. OMG! Got that sunburn mark too, suck isn't it? -_-