Thursday, April 5, 2012

F yeah

what do you think about male models 'become' female models? maybe weird. maybe crazy. but not with those androgyny models. like andrej pejic and darell ferhostan (he's from indonesia!!! so proud!). few days ago i watched TV and saw em as 'top 7 beautiful male models without surgery' there're also hero jaejoong JYJ, nong poy, and others i forgot. after i saw em, i fell in love with em. they look flawless as male either female. they're so awesome in their own way. we may think that.. this feels like u're breaking the gender rule. like.. u know.. u're male but u act as female thats odd. but we can accept that eh? :) so.. F yeah androgyny!

another F yeah things.. my school is almost over, 4 days left. until the day of national exam. teehee.... this is unbelievable. this is like... dream comes true! i remember when i was counting months from august until this month, then counting days everyday since D-76, and then finally D-10, uhmazing!!!! wish me luck! and best luck for all of us, 12 graders!! we can nail it! :)

having a really long weekend. my weekday this week was only 3 days, then next week also a long weekend to prepare nat exam woohooo.. then i'll always have super super long holiday for 5 months before hit the college yeah! have a nice day!


  1. when fashion has no gender :)

    Herdiana Surachman

  2. Nice pics!

  3. Good luck for ur exam and such great editorial pics :)

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