Saturday, November 19, 2011

fotos, graphos

attended lasalle open house today and joined photography workshop. u know, my life decision is in fashion design. and, its workshop had fueled by another attendants and i was too late to register. so i was placed in my second option, and tadaa im home with brain full of photography theories and practical experience with a super fierce yet gorgeous model studying in lasalle too. she's karin. she's so kind and funny.. haha yet the lasalle people are all kind and humble. i feel comfortable so much. with the teachers, the students, all of them. so, what i got from this workshop? sudden portfolio? yes. u'll see them below. haha. and a place to study, definitely. u know what i mean. my friend said 'ure not one of galau and labil person anymore' kinda like that hahaha yesyesyes!! :P
so here are today's photoshoot result. edited already. enjoy :)
ups mind my silly face nyahahaa... i was wearing my selfmade cropped top anw. :P scroll down faster!

after learn about indoor photograhy plus fashion photography, ive decided one thing. i dont like indoor especially studio. because u just have a little space u know, not like outdoor when u can shoot even with wide lens n u get great results. plus in indoor u have to set lightning etc which spend kinda long time ugh.. so i prefer outdoor eventhough outdoor does have another problems to solve.. haha..
photography teacher said 'photographer is to solve problems' yep.