Monday, November 28, 2011

all things bright and beautiful

a super late report about latest event, brightspot market!!! if u go blogwalking and found out almost all bloggers say the place's damn hot. yes it was. gosh i felt like i was in hell.. *i know hell's way hotter than there hahaaa... the place's awesomely big, not like before.. but same old same old.. the crowd was ohmygosh. speechless. yes i came on saturday :P to be honest it wasnt so enjoyable for me. besides the heat and crowded, that's something burdened me. hm. yet i came there not for a shopping purpose, just to photohunt. but yea, i didnt take much. just walked around for maybe 20mins until i cant stand anymore then me n parents (oh i forgot. my parents accompanied me there haaa) went out to marche. they tempted us with their free black coffee which made us entered there. nyah. that was the first time for me going to marche then tadammm.. amazed. drool here and there.. wish i cud eat that cheesecake, that bread that mashed potato and so on. i bought cinnamon bread i dont know what;s its name. yummy daaaamn. okay stop babbling. here r the quick real report.


  1. lovely shoes..
    and the strawberry look so fresh and make me want it. :p

    Garten Paradise

  2. wow brightspot,
    aku ga sempet kesana karena sakit :(

    following you
    follow back?


  3. amaziiiing photographs and the bunch of strawberries in the basket photo is my favorite! :D

  4. bunch of strawberries yuuummmmm ♥

    fol me?

  5. i went on saturday too, how come we didn't meet! in fact i dined at Marche too, hahaha.