Tuesday, July 17, 2012

in between

loose top - thrifted from blogger yard sale
selfmade harem pants
green army wedges - adorable projects
unbranded ring

Hola! back again. yahooo :D finally got this opportunity to blog again :)
how are you guys? still got ur holiday or no? me.. yeah. 6 weeks to go to get back to the reality -_-
i made that harem pants! yeah. took much tears and sweat in the whole making. and not too satisfied. im not really sure does it fit me well or not. tho im not really confident to wear it actually :|  so what's ur opinion about that pants, guys?

and that galaxy nail art. i know like every girl in this universe maybe are into galaxy.. galaxy dress, top, shoes, everything. eventho i dont like mainstream stuffs.. i do love galaxy not ces it's in trend. it's... a masterpiece. knowing that galaxy nail art is damn awesome yet so easy to make, this' my fave. :D yay or nay?

that wedges was firstly my dream shoes. and one day i found it in sale!!! so yeah. no matter what color is, i bought it and.. it's my loveliest baby!! :_)
oh oh! i chopped my hair. by myself. postponed to perm it anw :)

next week im going to KL. yeah for u guys.. this trip is just so.. usual. but this' my first time going to KL so any tips and suggestions where to go what to eat what to buy? im staying in bukit bintang so hopefully i wont drool looking for those plazas n malls surround my hotel :Q im going to Genting too. mew..

last, im thinking to make a giveaway.. but not really sure. shud i? i made the thing by myself :P
have a great day! :D


  1. love the combination!

    Visit my blog? xx Miss Beatrix (http://missbeatrix.blogspot.com)

  2. Lovely style! Amazing outfit and photos ♥


  3. Love your outfit! So relaxed and love that slouchy pants. xx


  4. i really love the ring and shoes, so adorable! you look so sweet and pretty! xx

    Letters To Juliet

  5. Loving the nails!

    Let's follow each other's blog. :3 I have followed yours.

  6. Great post: I like these pictures so much!!
    What about following each other? Cosa mi metto???
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  7. Totally in love with the nails :")

    Anyway, mind to follow each other? ☺

  8. you're such a creative person.
    it's good, the way you make that harem pants..

    Doodle and Denim jeans

  9. Love your shoes!,