Friday, October 14, 2011

soul sisters

inspired by train's song, hey,soul sister, and fortunately have 2 pretty cousins, why not? so a month ago, had a photoshoot with them at Ancol. it's kinda challenging to style ur own cousins i think but it didnt take so much time. and when i see the result, to be honest i wasnt too satisfied (because of my own work. i mean, how i posed them, how i shot them in some wrong angles.. gah.. need to practice more). i took 2 sessions. first using black and white film so the theme was dark and kinda sad. and the rest is colorful. (so this' the reason why i could make the previous quote)
enjoy :)

models : Ariella Michele & Angelyn Christy
for more results you can also visit my lomohome :)

oh. maybe this' a good news (esp for myself :p) im going to buy my very very first DSLR tomorrow whoaaa excited! you maybe can have it easily but me, i have to wait for more than 2 years, and the day is finally come!!

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