Friday, December 30, 2011


HOLA. back from 5-day vacation!! :) it was a great great trip. got unforgettable experiences and new knowledges hahaaa. yet im speechless so i cant tell you much. went to bandung and do culinary trip opposite the hotel at pasir kaliki. then got this sweet bokeh pic at night. went to pangandaran after that and... gah. this' the speechless part. too much seafood, crowd, cycling in the afternoon w cousins n daddy, bought souvenirs, went to green canyon, short trip to pasir putih by traditional boat ( i love love love it so much. facing the big wave was the best moment),went back to bandung, continue culinary trip(at the same place again HA) bought ambokueh, a traditional food from bandung contains pork, pork, and pork. haha.. then yesterday i went back home sweet home!!! :")

fisherman's boat 
tiny waterfall in green canyon cave

at batukaras
 last late lunch at sate maranggi
crazy thing i did. bcs i didnt get time to do this at pangandaran :P
lovely doll. love at the first sight. its name is.. Kio. weird eh? :)

oh, yep yep no self photos bcs i carried camaro everywhere w no one is allowed to touch him. (overprotective may bring some advantages, avoid somoething bad, aight?)

anyway, mind to follow my bloggie? i'd like to follow u back if u ask but not ASAP, sorry. bcs im having a super duper slow inet connection.. :)
and whoaaaa today is the last day in 2011 and tomorrow is the first day of 2012. have a great daaay :D


  1. Beautiful photos, seriously that sate photo makes me hungryyyyy hahahaha! Happy New Year to you! :D


  2. these pics are beautiful! oh i miss beach getaways :)

    re: thanks for the comment anya you're too sweet.



  3. Awesome pictures! :)
    Kio is cute :p

    Anyway, happy new year! xx

  4. happy nuyer dear! :D check out mine if you have a chance, thankyou:)

  5. gorgeous! love the photos. and the tattoo!!

  6. dress with peter pan collar, so cute :)