Wednesday, July 27, 2011

le point de

what's the point of teasing other people? is it because you think that you are better than us? because you have more ability than us? have you ever asked yourself that even you have weakness. remember that everybody in this world are unique. we all have our own ability yet weakness. we all know it. do you think it is okay to laugh at anybody else's weakness? maybe you are popular. you have many friends but we dont. or you think that we are such a nerd or freak or everything weird in your eyes then you can make jokes on us? we arent freak nor weird. we are just different with you. maybe we arent good. but dont you ever think that we do think that you no good too? dont ever see other by the cover only. if you dont see the contents you wont see what is inside. dont judge us like that. are you heartless? we dont know yet we dont care. it's your business. and eventhough we want you to change your habit you wont listen because we are nothing for you. then we just hope that someday you'll open your eyes wide, and change. watch your manner. life's like a spinning wheel. and dont ever forget this,
karma does exist.
maybe you tease us this time.but sooner or later you'll know how's it feel to be teased. maybe not by us. but by other.

once again, oper your eyes wide.

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